MacBook Repair Frisco

MacBook® has been a fast and reliable computer since its introduction in 2006. It has been the most selling portable computer in Apple’s production line. ifixly is one of the best place to repair your MacBook® in Frisco area to repair your MacBook® at very affordable prices. We have a team of certified Mac technicians who have years of experience in repairing your MacBook® weather it be a problem related to the hardware components of the software components of your MacBook®. Let our experts take care of your MacBook® for you and see the performance of your old MacBook® boost up with the services provided on your MacBook®.

We work on all models of MacBook® including: A1534, A1342, A1181, A1278, A1989, A1990, A1707, A1706, A1466, A1708, A1502, A1398, A1425, A1278, A1286, A1297, A1260, A1261, A1229, A1226, A1211, A1212, A1150, A1151, A1932, A1466, A1465, A1369, A1370, A1304, A1237.

Fast MacBook Repair Frisco

Some of our MacBook® repair services that we provide in our store includes:

  • MacBook® hard drive replacement service Frisco
  • MacBook® data recovery service Frisco
  • MacBook® RAM replacement service Frisco
  • MacBook® charging port replacement service Frisco
  • MacBook® battery replacement service Frisco
  • MacBook® liquid damage repair service Frisco
  • MacBook® screen and LCD replacement service Frisco
  • MacBook® OSX installation and configuration and software repair service Frisco
  • MacBook® camera repair service Frisco
  • MacBook® microphone repair service Frisco
  • MacBook® keyboard replacement service Frisco
  • MacBook® trackpad replacement service Frisco
  • MacBook® touch bar repair service Frisco
  • MacBook® logic board repair/replacement Frisco
  • MacBook® overheating repair service Frisco
  • MacBook® fan replacement service Frisco
  • MacBook® white screen repair service Frisco
  • MacBook® screen flickering issue repair service Frisco
  • MacBook® Wi-Fi connection repair service Frisco
  • MacBook® bluetooth connection repair service Frisco
  • MacBook® question mark sign repair service Frisco
  • MacBook® prohibitory sign repair service Frisco
  • MacBook® password removal service Frisco
  • MacBook® firmware password removal service Frisco
  • MacBook® not turning on repair Frisco

Complete MacBook Repair Service Frisco

ifixly is an independent computer repair and IT service company which provides complete solution for any electronic devices. We provide reliable repair service along with excellent customer satisfaction. We are locally located in Frisco, Texas. Main Street.

We serve our clients from all over Dallas area: Frisco, The Colony, Plano, Dallas Downtown, Dallas Uptown, North Dallas, Highland Park Dallas, Westlake Dallas, Southlake Dallas, University Park Dallas, Flower Mound Dallas, Preston hollow Dallas, Arts District Dallas, Reunion District Dallas, Lewisville, McKinney, Allen, Garland, Grapevine, Denton, Little Elm, Southlake, Farmers Branch, Carrollton, Richardson, Flowermound, etc.

We serve customers from zip codes including: Frisco 75033, Frisco 75034, Frisco 75035, Frisco 75036, The Colony 75056, Little Elm 75068, Dallas 75219, Dallas 75205, Dallas 75225, Dallas 75209, Dallas 75209.

When Do You Need Our MacBook Repair Services?

MacBook Stuck At Question Mark Folder Repair Frisco

Does your MacBook® show a question mark folder when you try to boot it up? It is because your MacBook® is not able to detect the operating system on the system. This might show up on your MacBook® when your computer has a failing storage system like a hard drive that’s on your computer, recent MacOS update on your computer gone wrong, corrupted OSX, firmware update. Don’t worry, no matter what the problem is we can help you repair your MacBook® for affordable prices.

MacBook Stuck On White Screen Or Stuck On Apple Logo Repair Frisco

When your MacBook® gets stuck on Apple logo or white screen, there might be several reasons that might be causing various issues. Some of the common reasons for your MacBook® to act that way might be the reasons like, RAM issues, power issues, or software related issues like corrupt MacOS, malware on your MacBook®. Our Apple certified experts are adept at handling all kinds of MacBook® related issues including MacBook® being stuck on Apple logo or white screen. Just visit our store or set up an appointment with us to get your MacBook® repaired in no time.

MacBook Not Charging Issue Repair Frisco

The reason that your MacBook® is not charging could be due to various reasons. The common issue is the charging cable. Try a different charging plug point on your home, if that doesn’t work try plugging your MacBook® with a different charger. If that doesn’t help you cold bring it to our experts who can help you repair your MacBook® no matter any charging issues we can help you resolve it. The reasons that your MacBook® is not charging could be due to reasons like a bad charging port, bad battery, bad firmware or there could be a problem coming out of your logic board or a writing problem on your MacBook®.

MacBook Battery Replacement Service Frisco

Is your MacBook® draining power faster than it used to? Is your MacBook® not holding any charge? Is is not trying to turn on when you plug it to a charger? Is the battery on your MacBook® swollen? MacBook’s® have lithium-ion batteries on them and they tend to degrade over 1000 charging cycles, after the cycle the battery tends to degrade in performance and it will display a message on your MacBook® telling that you need a battery replacement on your MacBook®. Don’t worry our experts at ifixly are there to help you replace the bad battery on your MacBook® and make it working as new.

MacBook Liquid Damage Repair Service Frisco

Liquid and electronics don’t mix together and you will have a bad combo when you do. Did you have any spills or accident while repairing your MacBook®? When water or any other kind of liquid gets into your MacBook® don’t try to turn it on or plug it in. It might fry up your logic board and make is irreparable. If it wasn’t turned on and you tried to dry it, it still isn’t a good idea to turn it on because the minerals coming from the liquid will still be there on your MacBook’s®logic board and it could lessen the chance of getting it repaired further. To ensure no further damage on your MacBook® take it to our experts at ifixly to repair your MacBook® that has been affected by any kind of liquid that you might have spilled on it.

MacBook Not Turning On Repair Service Frisco

There might be various reasons on your MacBook® for it to not turn on. Some of the reasons that your MacBook® is not turning on would be reasons like logic board failure, sort circuit from high voltage, screen failure, battery failure, RAM failure and many other reasons. Don’t worry if your MacBook® is not turning on, our experts can help you diagnose the problem on your MacBook®, isolate the issue and repair your MacBook® in perfect working condition.

MacBook Screen Replacement/Repair Service Frisco

Is the screen on your MacBook® not working? Does the screen on your MacBook® keep flickering? Is the screen on your MacBook® cracked? Is the brightness or graphics on your MacBook’s® screen choppy? We can help you repair/replace your MacBook’s® screen no matter the condition it is in. Our experts have years of hands on experience with all kinds of MacBook®screen repairs and replacement services. Just contact the experts at ifixly, visit us or set up an appointment with us to get your screen on your MacBook® up and running.

MacBook Camera Repair Frisco

Is the camera on your MacBook® not working? Is the camera on your MacBook® cracked? We can help you replace the camera on your screen and make your FaceTime and video calling on your MacBook® more fun. The camera on your MacBook® might not be working due to software problems like corrupt operating system, malware on your computer, corrupt application to turn on your camera or there might be hardware problems for your MacBook’s® camera to not be working. Our experts at ifixly can help you repair your MacBook® and make it working in perfect condition.

MacBook Microphone Repair Frisco

Microphone helps you input the voices that you speak to a computing device. If your MacBook® is having issues with the microphone, there might be simpler reasons to a complex reasons why your MacBook’s® microphone is not working. You need to use your MacBook® microphone to video call or record something that you’re working on. We can help you repair your MacBook’s® microphone and make it working in perfect condition.

Why Choose Our Services?

Clear Customer Communication

We understand our customers problem and work on the troubleshoot of the devices to get rid of any kind of problems. We communicate with our customers on each and every device fix we perform to get our customers involved in the fix.

Certified Professionals & Affordable Pricing

We have Mac Certified and Microsoft Certified Professionals who can help you with any kind of issues with your Mac’s as well as PC’s fix. We fix all your hardware and software related issues on your devices.

Fast and Convenient Repair

We are located at the most convenient location in Frisco where everyone in North Texas can easily access. We do quick and reliable repairs on every devices that our customers bring in.

Privacy Secured

We highly respect our customer’s privacy. We secure our customers file and make sure every one of your data is protected.


Q: What does the question mark folder on my MacBook Pro mean?

A: The question mark folder on your MacBook Pro means that there’s no operating system that your MacBook Pro can detect. A MacBook Pro needs a storage system that it can boot up upon.

Q: Does Apple repair my old MacBook?

A: If Apple considers your MacBook vintage or obsolete they won’t consider in repairing your MacBook.

Q: How do I know if my MacBook is infected by a virus?

A: If your MacBook is infected by a virus it will show up symptoms like slowing up, corrupted files coming up, showing different error messages and various other issues.

Q: How much does a MacBook repair cost?

A: The repair cost of MacBook depends upon the type of repair being performed on it.

Q: How do I repair the Charging cord on your MacBook?

A: The repair on the MacBook charging cord is not possible so the best solution would be to replace the charging cord on your MacBook.

Q: How do I repair the logic board on my MacBook?

A: Logic board repair is a complex process. If you have the proper knowledge and tools to repair the logic board, you can repair your MacBook my yourself.

Q: How much does the screen replacement on my MacBook cost?

A: The screen replacement cost on your MacBook depends upon the model of your MacBook.

Q: How to repair your MacBook battery?

A: If you can tell us what the problem with your MacBook is we can help you repair your MacBook. If you think battery is the issue we can replace the battery for you.

Q: How long does the MacBook screen replacement take?

A: Depending upon the availability of the screen on our store it shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes to replace it. If there’s no screen available it might take 3-4 days depending on the time that we ordered.

Q: How to repair MacBook speaker?

A: The speaker on every model of MacBook is different and the process of replacing and repairing them is different. Just let us know the model of your MacBook and we can replace the speaker on your MacBook.

Q: How to repair the Mac OS on my MacBook?

A: The repair on your MacBook OS can be done by reinstalling the OS that is compatible with your MacBook.

Q: Does my MacBook need an anti-virus?

A: Malware on a MacBook is pretty unheard of and there’s slight chances of getting infected by a malware. You can get infected from different sites that you visit and some files download by itself.

Q: How to repair a slow MacBook?

A: There might be various reasons for a slow MacBook. Some of the reasons might be due to a bad RAM, bad hard drive, logic board problem, speed sensor problem.

Q: Can a water damaged MacBook be repaired?

A: Yes a water damaged MacBook can be repaired depending upon the amount of liquid damage that has been done to the logic board of the computer.

Q: Where can I go and repair my MacBook?

A: The best place to repair your MacBook is at ifixly.

Q: How much does it cost to repair the trackpad on my MacBook?

A: The cost to repair the trackpad on your MacBook depends upon the model of your MacBook.

Q: How to repair the charger on my MacBook?

A: It’s better to replace the charger rather than repairing the charger on your MacBook.

Q: Do you do data recovery on my MacBook?

A: Yes, we perform data recovery on MacBooks from working to non- working condition MacBook’s.

Q: How do I perform Diagnostics on my MacBook?

A: Remove all the external peripherals connected to your MacBook and press D when you turn your MacBook on then it will lead you to the diagnostics screen to check all the components on your MacBook.

Q: How to repair permissions on my MacBook?

A: You can click the lock icon for where you want to use permission on your MacBook and enter your MacBook passcode.