Macbook battery life is shorter than Expected

One of the most common issue with Mac laptop is battery life. Even brand new mac laptops have battery issues. How to fix Macbook battery drain faster? Why does my MacBook battery only charge to 95%? Is it normal for Mac Book Air battery to be draining faster than usual? All these are very common questions that we get from our customers.

Solution for mac battery problem

  1. Change Battery Settings In MacThere are a few basic battery settings that can be done in the System Preferences. It’s a simple method to help keep the battery running for longer.

In the top menu, where the battery appears, it’s always useful to check out battery percentage so that you can clearly see how fast it’s draining.

If you click on the battery icon, it will show which apps are using the most power.

From here, click Battery Preferences.

Within this, you’ve got the option to set the amount of time your display should wait before it turns off and dim the display when a Mac is not connected to power.

  1. Manage your power setting, turn display off whenever you are not using itYou can go to apple menu> system preference>battery and move the sliders to lowest possible.
  2. Find out which application or programs is taking the most of the energySome application takes a lot of energy when they are running. Keeping the eyes on those application can help on battery life. For that you can go to your activity monitor and hit energy tab and close the applications or the processes which is taking a lot of energy.
  1. Replace the battery

The replacement of macbook batteries is one of the best ways to extend the life of the use of the Macbook. Replace the macbook battery not only prolongs the use of macbook, but also makes it faster than before. In fact, when you replace the new Mac battery with your old one, the electricity consumption will be decreased dramatically. In addition, you will save much money and time by replacing your old one with new one, while it’s time to time to replace new one with new one.

Not only that, you should also take care of your Macbook battery’s health. It is highly recommended that you should stay away from charging or discharging below 20% or over 80% Of its capacity.

MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro computers come with lithium polymer batteries to provide maximum battery life in a compact space. Apple laptops have been built to the highest standard, but over time and with normal use they might need repair, which is why iFixly has been developed. We offer the latest in repairs and software updates for Apple laptops across both their MacBook range and iMac desktop computers.

We are committed to providing a high quality of service and our technicians are all fully certified with more than ten years experience working on Apple technology. Our prices are affordable, but most important of all we’re known to use only genuine Apple parts, while offering a full parts and labour warranty with our repair service.

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1. What are the benefits of replacing my MacBook battery?
A new battery will improve your MacBook’s performance and extend its lifespan. Additionally, it can help increase your resale value if you ever decide to sell your MacBook.

2. How often should I replace my MacBook battery?
Ideally, you should replace your MacBook battery every two to three years. However, depending on how often you use your MacBook and how well you take care of it, you may be able to get four to five years out of a single battery replacement.

3. How much does it cost to replace my MacBook battery?
The average cost of a MacBook battery replacement is between $100 and $300. However, the exact cost will vary depending on the model of your MacBook and the quality of the replacement battery.

4. What are some signs that I need to replace my MacBook battery?
If your MacBook is not holding a charge as long as it used to or if it’s taking longer to charge than usual, it’s probably time for a new battery. Additionally, if your MacBook is shutting down unexpectedly or running more slowly than usual, a new battery may help improve its performance.