Macbook Battery Cell Pack Replacement Service

If a macbook won’t turn on, turns off suddenly, has a “service battery” warning or simply won’t hold a charge, then it might be time for a replacement battery. And it is not always plug and play situation for these battery replacement. Some of the laptops needs the top casing replaced as it comes together as a whole part and is too dangerous to play with the glued on battery depending on different models.

Facing the problem of slow battery draining or your new MacBook battery not charging fully? Or you need to replace a new battery cell pack for your Macbook but feel lost and cannot find a professional one.Don’t worry, we can help!

The iFixly provides a full range of repair services for Macbook,iMac,iPhone,iPad and other electronic devices.Our team consists of professional technicians with years of experience in Macbook repair services.We are always ready to help you with all your problems for free.

iFixly repair service is not just about fixing your broken Macbook,we will also give you tips to prolong the battery life and improve the performance of your computer.

We guarantee that we’ll do our best to help you whatever situation you are facing either with the power button or any other problem in the Macbook.

So you don’t need to panic when your battery is not charging or you have faced any technical issues in your Macbook.

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1. What is it?
Macbook battery degradation is when the battery starts to lose its ability to hold a charge. This can happen for a number of reasons, but is most commonly caused by age and wear and tear.

2. How can I tell if my Macbook has battery degradation?
The easiest way to tell if your Macbook has battery degradation is to check the “Cycle Count” in the Battery section of System Information. If the Cycle Count is high, it means that the battery has been through a lot of charging cycles and is more likely to be degraded.

3. How do I fix battery degradation?
Unfortunately, there’s no way to fix battery degradation. Once it starts, it will only get worse over time. However, there are some things you can do to slow down the process, such as avoiding extreme temperatures and keeping your Macbook turned off when you’re not using it.

4. Should I be worried about battery degradation?
If you’re noticing that your Macbook isn’t holding a charge as well as it used to, then it’s probably time to start worrying about battery degradation. However, if you’re not noticing any difference, then you probably don’t have anything to worry about yet.