Mac Startup & Power Issue Repair

You Mac is not turning on, or worse still, turning on but refusing to power up. This is not the end of the world, it is a problem with a solution. Simply put, the Mac needs to be reset; the power button needs to be pressed and held for about 15 seconds.

The Power Issue Repair

If your MacBook is showing nothing but a black screen, or you see nothing but a spinning disk or a flashing folder or if your Mac has died and won’t turn at all then there are ways to restart your computer to get it working again. One easy way is to hold down the power button for five seconds and then release it, wait twenty seconds and press the power button again. Now wait for thirty seconds and then press the power button a third time. After doing this and nothing else has happened then follow on with a full shutdown by holding down shift+control+option keys together with pressing the power key for 10 seconds followed by hitting restart from boot menu.

One method of troubleshooting a Mac that won’t turn on is to reset the System Management Controller. The System Management Controller is responsible for managing many different low-level functions on your Mac, and if it’s not working properly, it can cause all sorts of problems. To reset the System Management Controller, you’ll need to do the following:

1. Shut down your Mac.

2. Unplug all external devices from your Mac, including any USB devices, Ethernet cables, printers, and so on.

3. Wait at least 15 seconds before plugging everything back in again.

4. Turn on your Mac and see if it works now. If it doesn’t, move on to the next step.

If resetting the System Management Controller doesn’t fix your problem, you can try resetting the PRAM or NVRAM on your Mac. These are special kinds of memory that store things like your computer’s startup disk selection and system timezone information. Resetting them can sometimes fix strange issues with startup disks and audio volume settings being forgotten after a restart or shutdown.”

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  • Boot loops – Machines stuck on the Apple logo and not going any further than that logo. 
  • System Management Controller (SMC) – A chip on the logic board that controls system resets from various commands.
  • Real Time Clock (RTC) – Integrated circuit that keeps accurate time and ensures all proccesses in the system are appropriately synchronized.
  • PRAM – Parameter Random Access Memory

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1. What are the most common startup and power issues on Macs?
The most common startup and power issues on Macs include:
– grey screen of death
– kernel panic
– white screen of death
– flashing folder of death
– black screen of death

1. Why is my computer not turning on?
There could be a number of reasons why your computer isn’t turning on. It could be a simple issue like a loose power cord, or it could be something more serious like a failed hard drive. If you’re not sure what the problem is, our experts can help diagnose and fix the issue.

2. Why is my computer running slow?
A slow computer can be frustrating, but there are a number of things you can do to speed it up. Sometimes it’s as simple as running a virus scan or cleaning up your hard drive. Other times you may need to upgrade your RAM or processor. Our experts can help you figure out what’s causing the slowdown and how to fix it.

3. Why does my computer keep crashing?
If your computer keeps crashing, it could be caused by a hardware issue or a software problem. Sometimes it’s as simple as an outdated driver or a corrupted file. Other times it may be something more serious like a faulty motherboard or power supply. Our experts can help you troubleshoot the problem and get your computer back up and running smoothly.

3. How long will it take to repair my Mac?
Again, this will vary depending on the issue. However, iFixly offers same-day services for many common issues, so you won’t have to wait long to get your Mac back up and running.

4. Do you offer a warranty on your repairs?
Yes! All of our repairs come with a 90-day warranty, so you can rest assured that your issue will be fixed properly the first time.