iMac memory ram upgrade service Frisco TX

Do you have an iMac computer, and want to upgrade the memory? The memory on the iMac can be replaced, so your computer can work more efficiently. As new programs and features become available, your computer needs to work faster and more efficiently. A simple upgrade of the internal memory (RAM) of your iMac computer can make it much more useful.

The iMac has a clever design that allows removal of the RAM. Replacing the RAM is not difficult, if you have some information on how to do it. First, you will need to have the right tools. You will need at least a 2.5 mm and a 5.5 mm screwdriver. You will need a heat sink remover. This looks like a small flat-tipped screwdriver with a hook on the end that allows you to pull out the heat sink without messing up any of the other components around it.You will also need some thermal paste. This helps to dissipate the heat from the CPU. You can buy this at most electronics stores, or online. It is important to use a very small amount of thermal paste, as too much can actually make the problem worse.

Once you have gathered your tools and materials, you are ready to start upgrading the memory on your iMac computer. Begin by shutting down your computer and unplugging all of the cords and peripherals. Then, remove the cover from the back of the iMac. Find the two RAM modules and gently pull them out of their slots. You may need to use a little force, as they are sometimes snugly fit in place. Inspect each module for any damage or debris that may be present. Clean off any dust or debris with a soft cloth before proceeding.

Now that the old RAM modules are out, it is time to install the new ones. Line up each new RAM module with its slot and gently insert it until it clicks into place. Be careful not to touch any of the other components inside when doing this step. Once both new RAM modules are inserted, you can replace the cover on the back of your iMac computer and reconnect all of the cords and peripherals before turning it back on again.

Your computer should now be running faster and more efficiently thanks to your upgraded RAM!

For the newer models, screen needs to be removed before you can access the RAM, which make the process difficult. You can slowing use heat gun to remove the screen and install the new RAM modules and glue back the screen.

We can help you upgrades the RAM in your iMac and make it faster. Most modern software like photo editing software, video editing, music production software need additional RAM to function properly. Please visit us or call us for more information


  1. What is the iMac memory ram upgrade service?
    iFixly offers an upgrade service for your iMac that replaces the existing memory with a new, higher capacity module. This can provide a significant performance boost, especially if you have an older model iMac.
  2. How much does the iMac memory ram upgrade service cost?
    The cost of the service depends on the model of your iMac and the capacity of the new memory module. Contact us for a quote.
  3. Do I need to backup my data before the iMac memory ram upgrade service?
    We recommend backing up your data before any computer repair or upgrade service.