iMac logic board replacement service Frisco TX

A few months ago one of our clients, Alex, came in to have his iMac repaired. His issue was that his computer wouldn’t start up. We diagnosed his iMac as having a faulty motherboard. A motherboard is the circuit board inside the computer that connects all of the other internal parts, including the CPU, GPU, memory and hard drive.

We explained to Alex that the only way to fix his computer was to replace the motherboard. We could either do it for him or he could purchase a new one and we could install it for him. He decided to have us do it and we ordered the part from Apple. A few days later we replaced his motherboard and now his iMac is as good as new!

If you’re having issues with your iMac, please bring it in and we would be happy to take a look at it for you.


iMac logic board replacement service FAQS:

  1. What is an iMac logic board?

The iMac logic board is the main circuit board for your iMac computer. It houses the processor, memory, and other vital components that keep your computer running.

  1. Why do I need to replace my logic board?

There are a few reasons why you might need to replace your logic board. If it’s defective, it can cause your computer to malfunction or even fail completely. If it’s damaged, it can cause the same problems. And if you’re upgrading your processor or memory, you’ll need to replace the logic board to accommodate the new components.

  1. How much does an iMac logic board replacement cost?

The cost of an iMac logic board replacement will vary depending on the model of your computer and the extent of the damage or defect. However, you can expect to pay around $500 for a new logic board.

  1. How long does an iMac logic board replacement take?

In most cases, an iMac logic board replacement can be done in about an hour. However, if your computer is particularly old or damaged, it could take longer.