How to ground yourself for laptop repair?

When working on a laptop, it’s important to remember that static electricity and the sensitive components inside a computer can be volatile. The majority of problems with a laptop are caused by improper handling that can result in broken parts and even fire. Before you touch anything inside the laptop, put your hand briefly on a metal object to dissipate any built-up static.

How to ground yourself when working on laptop?

1) Battery Should Be Removed ;

 2) Area Should Be Clean ; 

3) Never Wear Static Friendly Clothing ; 

4) Discharge Yourself If Necessary 

Also, be aware that some components inside the computer may still be charged even if you’ve turned it off. Before accessing anything inside the computer, especially the motherboard, you should discharge yourself by touching an unpainted metal surface. Do not touch or remove any components until you’ve discharged yourself and observed static prevention measures outlined above. This is to avoid zapping the motherboard or other components with static electricity.