Data Recovery Frisco

Data in electronic media are the crucial information that is stored in any form of media. Data recovery process is the process of recovering data from an inaccessible media to make it accessible in an usual to a complex way. Data can be from photos, videos, documents, charts, recordings and many more. Data can be inaccessible in various ways like a broken drive, liquid damaged device, corrupted software, computer virus infection, corrupt drive and many more reasons. If you need to access from the devices that in working, partially working or completely dead device ifixly, Frisco is here to help you.

We provide data recovery service for all forms of storage media like Hard Disk Drive (HDD), Solid State Drive (SSD), Raid Servers, Network Assigned Storage Media (NAS), Legacy Storage Media and many more component embedded storage devices.

Data Recovery Frisco offers various data services

  • Data migration service Frisco
  • Data recovery service Frisco
  • Data backup services Frisco
  • External hard drive data recovery service Frisco
  • Server data recovery service Frisco
  • Hard drive data recovery service Frisco
  • Solid State Drive data recovery service Frisco
  • Time Machine data recovery service Frisco
  • RAID data recovery service Frisco
  • Apple data recovery service Frisco
  • Computer data recovery Frisco
  • Laptop data recovery Frisco
  • iPhone data recovery service Frisco
  • PC data recovery service Frisco
  • MacBook data recovery service Frisco
  • iMac data recovery service Frisco
  • Cell phone data recovery Frisco
  • Level 1 data recovery service Frisco
  • Level 2 data recovery service Frisco
  • Level 3 data recovery service Frisco
  • LaCie® data recovery service Frisco

Hard drive data recovery service Frisco

Hard drive is the soul of your computer which reads and writes every kind of data that you have stored on your computer. It has five major compoenets that helps you read or write your data on your computer. The first one is the platter, it is the circular disk on your hard drive that stores all your data and information. The second one is the spindle in which your platter is mounted and lets your platter spin. The third one is the actuator that controls the movement of your read and write heads and control the direction to read on the platter. The fourth one is the read-write heads which pretty much reads and writes the data on your drive. The last one is the PCB board which is attached to the hard drive with cables and has all the algorithms for your hard drive stored. The average lifespan of a hard drive is 2-3 years because it’s mechanically controlled drive it starts failing so you need to keep your data backed up. If you have not backed up don’t worry data recovery service Frisco is here to help you recover your data from your hard drive and let our experts worry on how to extract the data.

We provide data recovery for all kind of file systems of your hard drive:

  • NTFS file system data recovery service
  • ExFat file system data recovery service
  • APFS file system data recovery service
  • Mac OS Extended file system data recovery service
  • PC data recovery service
  • Apple data recovery service

Solid State Drive(SSD) data recovery service

SSD or Solid state drives are the modern form of computer storage. They are small, light weight, and fast data read and write technology. The working mechanism of SSD is pretty simple it is a combination of several NAND chips which stores data in fragments. Since there’s no mechanical components they tend to last much longer than hard drives. The failure on SSD occurs normally due to corrupted files, corrupted data and component failure. Some component failures are like a small diode or resistor failure or the worse case a NAND chip failure. If there’s physical damage on your NAND chips then the data recovery might not be possible. Data recovery from a SSD is more complex process than the data recovery in hard drives.

If you’re having difficulties accessing your data on your SSD and are experiencing failure on your SSD to access data. Don’t worry our data recovery experts at Frisco can help you get access to your data. Our data recovery experts have years of experience recovering data from any medium of storage device.

Cell Phone Data recovery service

Cell phones are the common storage media that we use in our everyday lives. Cell Phones have much smaller storage media than computers. So recovering data from a cell phone ranges from an easy level recovery to component based data recovery. We can recover data from your cell phone that is in working or not working condition. If you might have mistakenly deleted some files, photos, videos and other documents or you might have a badly damaged phone that you need to access your data from. Our data repair experts can help you recover and get access to your data in Frisco area.

RAID data recovery service

RAID stands for Redundant Array of Inexpensive Drives that stores data by balancing, distributing and optimizing every drive to store data in a single array. RAID system are used for personal use, office use or for different businesses to prevent data loss from a big storage single drive. RAID array are mostly set with hard drives but due to high chances of failures of about 2.5% every year SSDs are getting popular due to 0.5% degradation every year. The SSDs on your RAID system reduce the chances of failure on your array. We recover data from different RAID systems like RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5/6 or RAID 10. Just talk to our data experts in our Frisco location to get the data from your RAID system recovered.

Computer data recovery service

Computers have been a necessity to store any kind of information. We can store various kinds of data and information like pictures, videos, texts, documents, files and many more. Sometimes there’s some physical or accidental damage that might occur on your computer. Your computer might or might not be in working condition but the data that you need must be recovered then we are here to help you recover data from your computer. Just talk to one of our data repair experts in our location at Frisco to help you with all your computer data needs.

We recover data from different brands of computers like LG, Samsung, HP, Asus, Acer, Lenovo, Apple, Alienware, Dell, Huawei, VIZIO, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, iMac, MSI and many other brands. We also do data cloning, backup, transfer, and recovery around Frisco area.

Laptop data recovery service

Laptops are the modern portable device that we use to perform our various computation task. Laptops have storage device like hard drive, NVMe Solid State Drive, Solid State Drive and many more. Some laptops even have embedded storage device in the logic board. Sometimes the laptop that you’re using might not be working due to various conditions like broken screen, dead laptop, corrupted operating system, liquid damage, fire damage and many more. Whatever might be the circumstances that you can’t access your data on your laptop ifixly, Frisco is here to help you. We use various data recovery process from specialized softwares.

We provide laptop data recovery service for various brands of laptops like: HP, Compaq, Acer, Sony, MSI, ASUS, Dell, Alienware, HP Omen, Huawei, Toshiba, Sanyo, MacBook, LG, Samsung, VIZIO, Lenovo, Panasonic, Microsoft Surface and many more. We also do data restore, data backup, data transfer, and various other data services in Frisco area.

Why choose our services?

  1. Expert Technicians: We have Mac certified, Microsoft certified, comp TIA experts who have years and years of experience who can help you repair any of your devices.
  2. Clear Communication: We talk with our customers in a clear language who can tell you what’s wrong with your devices and explain what clearly needs to be done to get your devices up and running.
  3. Satisfaction Guaranteed: We want to guarantee our repair service with our customers so that we can have happy customers every time. We have the fixes done in such a way that there won’t be any hassles to the customers.
  4. Price Guaranteed: We guarantee that we have the lowest repair prices on your devices whatsoever. We get our replacement parts from the manufacturers and get the savings to our customers.
  5. Limited Warranty: We provide limited warranty services on the repairs that we do. If the same problem shows up on your devices again we will fix it for no additional cost.


  1. How do you recover lost data?

A. We use various data recovery tools and softwares that helps us recover data from your lost storage device and takes a long process to recover the lost data.

2. How long does it take to recover my data?

A. It depends upon what kind of data recovery process do you require. If it’s a level 2 or level 3 data recovery process it might take a bit longer.

3. Do you need to open the hard drive to recover data?

A. Opening the hard drive requires a clean room. We only open the hard drive as a last resort to recover data and before we do that we take approval from our clients before actually opening the hard drive.

4. Do you recover data from SSD’s?

A. Yes we recover data from SSD’s as long as the NAND chips on it are intact and your SSD doesn’t have any physical damage.

5. Why is data recovery process so expensive?

A. Data recovery is a complex process. It requires a long time and complicated process with our specialized professionals who help you recover your data so it can range from a regular level 1 recovery process to level 3 data recovery process so the price depends upon the recovery process that you require.

6. How successful is your data recovery process?

A. It depends all upon the condition and the recovery process of your storage media. We have a success rate of 90% on the recovery process we offer.