Computer Repair Services

Looking For Computer Services Locally Around or near you .Any machine which performs versatile task is a computer. Computers have been used to make our lives more easier and more convenient. Computers have been transferred from big hall consuming devices to the pocketable devices that you carry today. We have various types of computers from super computers, mainframe computers, mini computers, micro computers and many more.

There are various brands of computers that we use today. We provide repair services for various brands of computers like Dell, HP, Acer, ASUS, Lenovo, Alienware, Samsung, LG, VIZIO, Compaq, Sony, Apple, Toshiba, Huawei, IBM, MSI, Gigabyte, RAZER, Panasonic, Sharp, VAIO, Xaomi, Microsoft Surface, Google Chromebook Pixel. If you have any problems with any brands of computers we have certified professionals to do your repair.

Mac Computer Repair Services Frisco

If you have any kinds of Mac devices like MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, iMac Pro, Mac Pro, Mac Mini and you are having problem with your device and looking for a fix near you. Look no further we have Mac Certified technicians who can help you fix any issues related with any kinds of Mac devices. We provide the best repair services in and around Frisco. Just give us a call at 469-731-8001 or set up an appointment for any of your Mac repairs.

MacBook Pro Repair Frisco

Are you having any troubles with your MacBook Pro like screen flickering, slow running MacBook Pro, liquid damage, not booting up, charging port not working, battery issues, cracked screen, keyboard not working, trackpad not working, dysfunctional touch bar, not connecting to WI-FI and various other issues. We are here to help you repair your MacBook Pro with various issues. Our experts at ifixly can fix any problems on your MacBook Pro. Just give us a call at 469-731-8001, set up an appointment or visit our store.

MacBook Air Repair Frisco

Do you have any issues with your MacBook Air like damaged screen, stuck at question mark sign, trackpad not working, keyboard not working, backlight issues, water damaged MacBook Air, camera issues, microphone issues and many other issues related to your MacBook. We are here to help you repair your MacBook Air with our certified technicians who have a lot of experience in repairing. Just visit our location at Frisco, Call us at 469-731-8001 or set up an appointment to get your MacBook Air fixed.

Mac Pro Repair Frisco

Mac Pro is the most sophisticated and most powerful computer that Apple launched since 2006. Mac Pro has the most high performing hardware from which you are able to perform your simpler to the most complicated task altogether. It’s the most premium Mac Machine that you can buy off the market today. If you have problems like overheating, sudden shutdown, ports dysfunctional, RAM upgrades and various issues that’s been bugging you, we re here to help you fix your Mac Pro. Just visit our location at Friso, give us a call at 469-731-8001 for all your Mac Pro repair needs.

Mac Mini Repair Frisco

Mac Mini is the smallest, portable and a powerful computer on it’s own way. It’s a mini computer to perform many tasks with tremendous amount of performance for it’s size.Do you have a Mac Mini that’s been having issues on your Mac Mini like the ports not working properly, overheating, spill damage and many other issues. We are here to help you fix your Mac Mini with our Mac Certified professionals. Just visit our location in Frisco, call us at 469-731-8001 or set up an appointment for your repair.

iMac Repair Frisco

iMac is the all in one computer that has a highly sophisticated mechanism and it is equipped with the high performance graphics to do your photo and video editing. If you have problems with your iMac like graphics card problem, cracked screen repair, power supply repair, ports non-functional, slow iMac, iMac stuck on question mark sign, iMac not booting up and many other problems like these. We got the fix for your iMac, we have Mac certified technicians who can help you fix your iMac with any kind of problems that you’re having. Just give us a visit at Frisco, call us at 469-731-8001 or set up an appointment with us to get your iMac fixed today.

OSX Optimization and Configuration

Mac OS is the operating system which uses Graphical User Interface developed and marketed by Apple since 2001. It has been the most successful user interface that has proven its usability, security and privacy. If you are having any problems related to your Mac OS and its configuration and your device is not functioning properly. Just give us a visit for your OSX optimization and configuration where our Mac experts can help you with your fix. Give us a call at 469-731-8001, set up an appointment or visit us.

iTunes and iCloud backup

iTunes and iCloud are the two applications on your Mac OS that helps you store the data on cloud and helps you access your photos, music, videos and other documents on your Mac devices if you have backed it up with your Apple ID. If you have problems restoring your data on your iCloud and iTunes we are here to help you retrieve and set your data so you can have it saved or transferred from one device to another. Just give us a call at 469-731-8001, visit us or set up an appointment for your Mac cloud services.

PC Repair Frisco

PC is the most affordable and most convenient computer that can perform your daily tasks. If your computer is having problems like not booting up, not showing display on your monitor, bad power supply, overheating, slow computer, ports not working, computer not switching up. Come visit us where our repair experts can help you repair your computer with any kind of issues that you are having. Give us a call at 469-731-8001 or set up an appointment to have your problematic computer repaired.

Laptop Repair Frisco

Laptop computers are the most portable, convenient and affordable devices that have been very popular in schools, colleges and small to big offices. If your laptop is having issues like cracked screen, speaker not working, battery not holding charge, keyboard dysfunctional, charging port not working and many other issues. If your computer is having problems and you can’t use your laptop as properly as before then come talk with our experts who can help you fix your laptop. Come visit ifixly at Frisco, call us at: 469-731-8001 or set up an appointment with us to get your laptop repaired.

Hard Disk Drive Upgrade Frisco

Does your computer take time to load up your operating system and your entire system runs slow when you are using it? If so you may have a faulty hard drive that’s been causing issues to make your computer slow. IF you want to get your computer hard drive repaired or replaced we are here to help. We can replace your old hard drive with newer SSD (Solid State Drive) to repair your slow computer. Just talk to our computer experts, call us at 469-731-8001 or set up an appointment to get your computer hard drive upgraded and your slow computer repaired.

RAM upgrade Frisco

RAM (Random Access Memory) is the storage device that stores data and information in current use. If you have to multitask on your computer and have to open various applications at once then you need a higher RAM on your computer. Do you have a slow computer that doesn’t run as quickly when you perform various tasks on it and feel like you need a RAM upgrade. We are here to help you replace or upgrade your RAM on your computer. Just give us a call at 469-731-8001, visit us or set up an appointment to get issues with your computer RAM issues.

Computer Virus Removal Frisco

A computer virus is a malicious program that harms your computer by slowing down your computer’s performance, corrupting your data, stealing your data and making overall harm to your computer. Is your computer affected by any kind of viruses and you are in doubt that it’s been affecting your computer’s performance then come visit our experts at ifixly. We are here to help you remove the virus on your computer and get your computer virus removed. Just set up an appointment, visit us or give us a call at 469-731-8001.

Why Choose us ?

Clear Customer Communication

We understand our customers problem and work on the troubleshoot of the devices to get rid of any kind of problems. We communicate with our customers on each and every device fix we perform to get our customers involved in the fix.

Certified Professionals & Affordable Pricing

We have Mac Certified and Microsoft Certified Professionals who can help you with any kind of issues with your Mac’s as well as PC’s fix. We fix all your hardware and software related issues on your devices.

Fast and Convenient Repair

We are located at the most convenient location in Frisco where everyone in North Texas can easily access. We do quick and reliable repairs on every devices that our customers bring in.

Privacy Secured

We highly respect our customer’s privacy. We secure our customers file and make sure every one of your data is protected.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. Is it worth fixing my MacBook? A. It depends on what kind of damage you have sometimes the cost of fixing your device might reach up more than buying a new device but, our technicians will let you know what kind of fix you need. It ranges from $69 and upwards.

Q. Can I upgrade RAM on my laptop? A. It depends on what kind of laptop you have. Most modern laptops come with an embedded RAM and your RAM might not be upgradable on your device. Just bring your device to ifixly and our technicians can give you more information about your RAM upgrade.

Q. Why does my Computer not power up ? A. First check the connections on your cable if you have any wear and tear on your connections. If the changing of your cables don’t work then bring it to ifixly where our computer repair experts give you the idea about the problem in your device.

Q. How long does my MacBook battery last?
A. Your MacBook’s battery should last around 3-4 years upon normal use.

Q. Why don’t the ports on my computer work?

A. There might be various reasons that the ports might not be working. The simple fix is to see if there’s any dust on your ports. If that doesn’t help then talk to our computer repair experts for your repair.

Q. Can I repair my computer’s motherboard?

A. Yes if you have the correct equipment and good experience in motherboard repair you can repair it by yourself. Else, as motherboard component level repair is a quite complicated process where our ifixly experts come to your motherboard repair.

Q. Can I remove virus on my computer from an antivirus software?

A. Yes, it might help remove some common anomalous data stored on your computer but, if your computer is affected from a dangerous virus you need to talk to our virus removal experts at ifixly who can help you remove the viruses from your computer.