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Expert Mac Repair Services

Do you have any Mac devices that is having problems? We have the fix for any of your Mac devices including iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, etc. Don’t worry we got you covered to solve any kind of issues that you are having with your Mac devices. We have Comp Tia certified, Mac certified and Microsoft certified professionals who can help you repair your Mac’s hardware related or software related issues. Our experts have years and years of experience repairing every kind of Mac devices. Just visit our location at 279 Main St #128, Frisco, Texas, set up an appointment with us or call us at 469-731-8001 to talk with our experts to get your problems resolved.

We repair all kinds of issues with your Mac devices

Does your Mac restart often? Is your Mac device running slow? Does your Mac device have a failing hard drive? Is your Mac device infected with virus? Is your Mac device draining battery too quickly? Do you need to fix the screen on your Mac device? Do you want to upgrade your Mac device’s storage? Does your Mac device show a question mark sign when you try to boot it? ifixly provides service with every kind of problem that you are facing with your Apple Mac devices.

Fast Mac repair services Frisco

Some of our common Mac repair services that we provide at our location are:

  • Mac screen replacement service
  • Mac battery replacement service
  • Mac charging port replacement service
  • Mac Wi-Fi connection repair service
  • Mac OS installation and configuration service
  • Mac SSD replacement service
  • Mac RAM upgrade service
  • Mac with question mark repair service
  • Mac password removal service
  • Mac OS upgrade service
  • Mac stuck on Apple logo repair service
  • Mac bluetooth repair service
  • Mac camera repair service
  • Mac motherboard repair service
  • Mac HDD replacement service
  • Mac keyboard replacement
  • Mac trackpad replacement
  • Mac USB port repair service
  • Mac not turning on repair service
  • Mac power button not working repair service
  • Mac flickering screen repair

When do you need Mac repair Services?

Slow Mac device repair Frisco

Does your iMac take a long time to load through the operating system boot when you turn it on? Does your MacBook take a long time to open up when you turn it on? Does your Mac Pro show a beach ball or a rainbow ball when you try to run some applications on it? All of those issues can be a cause by a failing hard drive, low memory, highly used memory, graphics card issue and many other reasons.

Some of the common resolving things that you can do is resetting your NVRAM on your Mac device. Resetting the SMC on your Mac might resolve some of your software related issues. You also can try to free up some memory from your device to see if the memory problem solves the issue, just remember to back up your data before you remove anything from your Mac device. If these don’t help then you need to upgrade your hard drive to a newer SSD.

Mac data recovery service

Data on your Mac device is the critical information that you have stored. You need to backup your data before you can access it. If you have a damaged Mac device due to accidental or physical damage you need to recover your data from it. Don’t worry our data experts at ifixly are here to help you recover your data from any kind of Mac device. Our data repair experts can retain data from various recovery procedures with high success rate. Just set up an appointment with us, visit us at Frisco or call us at: 469-731-8001.

Mac liquid damage repair

Did you accidentally pour water or any kind of liquid on your Mac devices and it isn’t responding. If you have damaged your Mac device due to any liquid the first thing is not trying to turn it on. Turning it on might cause more short circuit on your Mac and might cause sparks on it which might make it unrepairable. We know accidents happen but don’t worry we are here to help you repair your Mac. Our repair experts perform component based repair on your liquid damaged Mac to diagnose it correctly and repair your device to make it working.

Mac hardware repair

Even though we take good care of our devices sometimes there will be some issues on the hardware components of our Mac devices. Mac might have hardware issues like a broken screen, keyboard malfunction, trackpad not working, charging port issue, USB port not working and many other issues. Our Mac repair experts are here to help you get your Mac’s hardware components repaired around Frisco. Just talk to our experts to know the roots of what might have happened to your Mac device.

Mac hard drive replacement Frisco

Does your Mac have a hard drive on it and it’s taking too much time to load the operating system on it. You see a beach ball whenever you try to load some applications on your Mac device. If so the hard drive on your Mac device might be failing. Hard drives are the mechanical devices that run your computer and once its about 2-3 years old you might need to replace your hard drive with a. new one or upgrade it with a Solid State Drive which have higher rate of data transfer, high data upload speeds and download speeds. This lets you operate your Mac device with higher speeds. Running your device on a failing hard drive could mean you could loose your data from your device so before that happens just talk to one of our experts at ifixly, Frisco who could help you out to get your hard drive’s data out before it’s too late.

Why choose our services?

  1. Expert Technicians: We have Mac certified, Microsoft certified, comp TIA experts who have years and years of experience who can help you repair any of your devices.
  2. Clear Communication: We talk with our customers in a clear language who can tell you what’s wrong with your devices and explain what clearly needs to be done to get your devices up and running.
  3. Satisfaction Guaranteed: We want to guarantee our repair service with our customers so that we can have happy customers every time. We have the fixes done in such a way that there won’t be any hassles to the customers.
  4. Price Guaranteed: We guarantee that we have the lowest repair prices on your devices whatsoever. We get our replacement parts from the manufacturers and get the savings to our customers.
  5. Limited Warranty: We provide limited warranty services on the repairs that we do. If the same problem shows up on your devices again we will fix it for no additional cost.


  1. Where can I repair my broken Mac?

A.The best place to repair is ifixly Frisco

2.How can I repair my hard drive?

A. Hard drives are mechanical devices they start failing with long term of use. Once they fail repairing is not recommended, the best solution is replacing it.

3. Are iMac’s easy to repair?

A. yes if you have the proper tools, knowledge and expertise on doing Mac repairs it’s easy to do it.

4. Do you guys repair water damaged MacBook Air?

A. Yes we repair water damaged devices and we also perform component level repairs on your MacBook’s logic board.

5.How do I fix a MacBook Pro with a question mark sign?

A. If you have a question mark sign appearing on your MacBook Pro you have to make sure that your hard drive or solid state is connected and let it boot. If that doesn’t work you can come to our experts for your MacBook repair.

6.How much does it cost to repair my iMac’s screen?

A. Every screen on every model’s iMac is different. So the cost of screen replacement depends upon the model of your iMac.